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I Giovani Titani (Teen Titans), chiamati anche Titani in successive incarnazioni, sono un gruppo di supereroi adolescenti dei fumetti dell'universo della DC Comics.

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Doom Patrol - Wikipedia The Doom Patrol first appeared in 1963, when the DC title My Greatest Adventure, an adventure anthology title, was being converted to a superhero format.

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Showcase (comics) - Wikipedia Showcase is a comic anthology series published by DC Comics. The general theme of the series was to feature new and minor characters as a way to gauge reader interest.

4 Re: Showcase Presents Doom Patrol Vol 2 Showcase Presents: Ambush Bug Vol. 1. Showcase Presents: Ambush Bug Vol. 1 (9781401221805): Keith Giffen, Various: Books

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FW Presents: When I’m In Charge Ep. 2 | The Fire and Water. Ideally, it’ll be a platform or a showcase for diversity characters, but if there is no other home for some of them, I’ll take ghetto over nothing.

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