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In Greek mythology, Circe (/ ˈ s ɜːr s iː /; Greek Κίρκη Kírkē 'falcon') is a minor goddess of magic. Sometimes, she is described as a nymph, witch.

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Percy Jackson - Simple English Wikipedia, the free. Perseus 'Percy' Jackson is the main character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. He is a demigod, meaning he is half-mortal and half god

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Top 10 Failed Seductions From Greek Mythology - Listverse Not everyone is the perfect flirt. Courting is so very difficult, especially when you’re a Greek god or deity that needs an incredibly specific pound of fl

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Llamasoft - Minotaur Project I forgot I had a body. POLYBIUS! I can't believe a game can make me feel such joy. Thank you @llamasoft_ox for an incredible experience! Polybius is easily one of the.